Monday, August 21, 2006

Rakim in Philly

Rakim came to Philly on August 19th as part the Wu Tang "Around the Way Tour".
I got there a little late but I did see RedMan and EPMD tear up the stage. Then my man and business partner TeddyTuff got me and my wife and son some all access passes and we went backstage. My wife and son got to meet Rakim for the first time and they're still talkin about it. At the Atlantic City show I went backstage after the show to see Rakim but looking at the crowd from onstage was crazy. People in Philly were giving Rakim much love especially after he hit the new joint "It's Nothing" off the upcoming Seventh Seal Album that is coming out 1st Quarter on Ra Records. I have to admit I didn't see the Wu, on the 20th I was taking my son to Morgan State (Freshman) and couldn't hang. My man tells me the Wu tore it up too. I won't be able to go on tour with Rakim but I might go down to NC to see the show. TeddyTuff is going on Tour with Rakim and will keep us posted.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Confirmed and Updated Concert Info

Don't miss Rakim when he's in Your Town!!

09/01 Emo's Austin,TX
09/02 Warehouse Live Houston,TX
09/05 The Clubhouse Tempe,AZ
09/06 House of Blues San Diego,CA w/Kid Capri
09/07 House of Blues Annaheim,CA w/Kid Capri
09/08 House of Blues Hollywood,CA w/Kid Capri
09/10 Slims San Francisco, CA w/Kid Capri
09/12 Suede Park City,UT w/Kid Capri
09/13 Belly Up Aspen,CO w/Kid Capri
09/14 Cervante's Masterpiece Ballroom Denver,CO w/Kid Capri
09/16 First Ave Minneapolis/St. Paul Area w/Kid Capri
09/17 House of Blues Chicago,IL w/Kid Capri
09/18 Vogue Indianapolis,IN w/Kid Capri
09/19 Piere's Fort Wayne,IN w/Kid Capri
09/20 Annie's Cincinnati,OH w/Kid Capri
09/22 The Fine Arts Theatre Detroit,MI w/Kid Capri
09/23 The Town Ballroom Buffalo,NY w/Kid Capri
09/27 Cat's Cradle Carrboro,NC w/Kid Capri
09/28 Eleven 50 Atlanta,GA w/Kid Capri
09/29 Amos' Southend Charlotte,NC w/Kid Capri
09/30 9:30 Club Washington,DC w/Kid Capri

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Rakim Tour September 2006

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Tentative listing of Rakim September 2006 Tour Dates, more to follow soon.

09/02 Warehouse Live Houston,TX
09/06 House of Blues San Diego,CA
09/07 House of Blues Annaheim,CA
09/08 House of Blues Hollywood,CA
09/10 Slims San Francisco, CA
09/12 Suede Park City,UT
09/16 First Ave Minneapolis/St. Paul Area
09/17 House of Blues Chicago,Il
09/18 Vogue Indianapolis,IN

Shawn Carter Scholarship Foundation Jay Z

I know this Blog is for Rakim Followers, but when it is something positive going on I have to give props. In April my son went on a Black College Tour sponsored by Jay Z. Well this past Saturday Jay-Z had a Meet and Greet at the 40/40 club in New York for the students he sponsored on the tour. My wife Deb and two sons Carl 17 and Christian 12 went as a brother still has to hold down the 9-5 not long though. We already know the club is off the hook, but my wife and children told me that they were treated very well and Jay and his mother Mrs. Carter showed them a lots of love. Good grub, good conversation and then Mrs. Carter announced that all of the seniors would be receiving scholarships from the Shawn Carter Scolarship Foundation. Way to go Jay!!!

House of Blues Atlantic City

When Rakim had a show at Atlantic City HOB, I took my co-worker Big Tone an aspiring Hip Hop Artist with me because he has a real interest in the Music Game. Styles P and D Block rocked the house. Rakim and DJ Kid Capri turned it out, with Rakim spittin a new joint and of course the classics!!! After the show we went backstage so he could meet Rakim, of course my man was excited but what he really was impressed with was Rakims demeanor and sense of Humbleness. So my man Tone had met the Greatest in the Game (my opinion) but wait till Rakim comes to Philly 8/19 Penns Landing with Wu Tang Clan, it's gonna be on!!!! Want to know what's going on
visit us at Rakim Fan website at

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Rakim Fan

Yo, This blog is for True Rakim Fans!!!! I'm Cee and a parnter of Hit After Hit Productions a music production company currently assisting Rakim on his long awaited album "The Seventh Seal". Our CEO (pictured above with Rakim) TeddyTuff has just returned with Rakim on his mini-tour MD/Atlantic City/RI/CT and is ready to go West and Midwest for a 20 plus city tour. I'm planning to make this trip and will keep you posted with Exclusive Photos and Information regarding Rakims' new Record Label. You can also sign up for the Rakim Fan website at